Helping empower overwhelmed
menopausal women, like you,
to live life on your terms and
love the skin your in!

Do you struggle with

  • Overwhelming skin care choices and inconsistent advice. Do more lines and wrinkles appear each week added to which redness, dryness and dark patches are appearing from nowhere.
  • Are you rushing around after everyone else, feeling exhausted with no time or space for you? 
  • Are sleepless nights leave you feeling tired, anxious and exhausted?

Work With Me

Transform Your Skin

Helping overwhelmed menopausal women to achieve the best skin of your life.


Treatments In Clinic

Our expertise is waxing, facials and Indian Head Massage. Helping you to completely relax with a professional treatment in an “Oasis Of Calm”. 

Training Skin Professionals

You feel you need some training to understand what is happening to your clients and their skin during the menopause.

We understand how it feels to to be looking after everyone else. You have been bottom of your to do list for far too long, you deserve some space for you regularly. Wether you need a mindful skin care routine, a one off treatment of a transformational skin care journey, I am always happy to help.

Are you suffering with dry, sensitive skin with pigmentation? 

Are you busy, stressed and exhausted and don’t have time for your skin?  

Here is a FREE gift for Your Skin During the Menopause!

Are you busy, stressed and don’t have any time for you? 

Would you like to learn more about your skin in the Menopause? 

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