Helping you completely relax with professional treatments in an
"Oasis Of Calm"

Do you struggle with

  • Finding some calm in your busy week? We will allow you the space to do whatever is best for you, it is entirely your choice wether you chat at your treatment or just chill out and relax. 
  • Finding a professional that understands how mid life is leaving you exhausted, overwhelmed and anxiety is leaving you feeling so lonely
  • Life feeling dull, monotonous and you have nothing to look forward to, you would like some space for you to rest and recuperate.

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Facial Treatments

Choose the treatment time you would like and we will use our expertise to give you glowing skin at your treatment.

Waxing Treatments

For waxing of all areas including intimate waxing using peelable wax. We always  put client comfort highest on our list of priorities.

Indian Head Massage

A seated massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. This is a relaxing complimentary treatment that eases the muscles associated with headaches and migraines.

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Arrive, sit back and relax. Leave the rest to me with my professionalism and expertise in the treatments I offer. Enjoy!

Are you suffering with dry, sensitive skin with pigmentation? Are you busy, stressed and exhausted and don’t have time for your skin?  Here is a FREE gift for Your Skin During the Menopause!

Are you busy, stressed and don’t have any time for you? 

Would you like to learn more about your skin in the Menopause? 

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