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Mindset meets Skincare!!!

Too many women are struggling to navigate menopause.  They feel lost and overwhelmed. The doctor doesn’t seem to have the answers they need and they’re not sure how to make space for the new woman that’s emerging.

I know how you’re feeling, I’ve been there.  But before we talk about menopause let’s backtrack a bit because my body spent years trying to get my attention – and I’ll bet yours has too. 

I signed up to study Beauty Therapy during the second year my Acne began. My skin was so bad, my tutor used me to demonstrate advanced treatments. After trying countless oral medications I was referred to a dermatologist who suggested UVA treatment every day. Thankfully, I couldn’t commit to the time involved, nothing was working, I was becoming more and more self conscious and I covered it up with lots of makeup.

In my 20s when I began suffering from Crohn’s (a type of inflammatory bowel disease).  The doctor prescribed a calmer life – easier said than done. What I didn’t realise is that my lower chakras (energy centres in the body) were blocked causing imbalance and dis-ease.

As the years went by, my acne eventually cleared although I always suffered with breakouts and I had a lot of scarring. I spent hours covering my skin with makeup and my only wish was for clear, smooth, even toned skin.

In my early 30s, I had a second health warning.  This time my upper chakras were blocked resulting in Glandular Fever. And I was recovering with two small children who didn’t understand the months of fatigue.  My needs were low on my list of priorities, I felt overwhelmed, neglected my self-care, and was pulled in different directions. It was a slog. Washing the dishes was exhausting and I definitely didn’t have any energy for taking the kids to the park or even having a bath at the end of the day. 

My recovery began when I started to prioritise myself.  I began to explore yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  I studied Reiki and discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)  through my doctor.  But it was hard to stick with it – I didn’t have a supportive space where I could talk about “spiritual things” – many people reacted negatively. And I still hadn’t discovered the mindset work that would shift everything and create lasting change.

So, at 42, I visited my doctor.  I was exhausted – night sweats had left me sleep-deprived and irritable. Only to be told I was too young to be perimenopausal. When you’re exhausted and low you don’t always have the energy to question the advice you’re given but I knew he was wrong.  And I trusted my intuition enough to keep looking. 

Eventually, I visited an alternative doctor, I was emotional by the time I reached his office and he wondered if I was depressed. But I knew my body, I just needed sleep.  He helped and within weeks I felt like a different woman!  My mindset was starting to shift but there was still so much work to do.

My 40s were transformational.  I escaped a toxic marriage and my self-discovery began at a retreat with meditation, mindset, and Qi-Gong! This sparked an interest in spirituality and I discovered oracle cards, crystals, and working with the moon. I  was determined to avoid a hat trick of auto-immune disease.

About this time I opened my own clinic doors, my skin added to my stress, it looked red, flushed, and it was SO sore. Each morning I woke up and wondered what would face me in the mirror… I felt like I was a failure and continued to even out the colour of my skin using two types of foundation.

One morning, I was sitting journaling resulting in my medical grade skin care journey, week by week, month by month, my skin began to look calmer, I had less breakouts and it was no longer sore. I could actually leave the house without any makeup and I was going to the mirror to admire my new skin. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.

With support, I dealt with my inner critic (you know that voice that says you’re never enough or you’re too much or you don’t deserve to be healthy, happy, loved), improved my mindset and my self-belief returned. I see my inner critic as a teacher now and I love to flip her script. I’ve surrounded myself with a community of people who support me, reinforce my self-belief, and cheer me on.  I feel motivated, balanced, and ready to take on the world! I’m expanding and feeling more aligned than I have in years…this time spirituality is going nowhere!

Throughout this journey, I was unknowingly learning how to balance my chakras.  Instead of exhausting one energy centre or avoiding another, I was learning to create a more positive mindset, accept all the parts of my story, and listen more deeply to my intuition.  It’s allowed me to approach my life and work with more mindfulness and heart-centred presence.


I really want to make a difference, so my mission is to help overwhelmed, menopausal women not to survive but to THRIVE!!!

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